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Live in harmony
With city & 

Save Nature with Nature for Nature


Make fertilizer for 20 plants or a medium-sized balcony from organic waste.


Experience the world of soil every day through our special experience window.


Reduce CO2 in everyday life: less waste, less transport and never again fertilizers.


A worm box 

is a compost 

and not a waste bin.

A compost makes flowerpower.
Really, really good one!


1. Cut your leftovers

Much of what is referred to as organic waste is compostable, such as peppers, bananas, coffee grounds and cardboard. But not everything. In return you get a worm box that doesn't stink and the highest quality, most CO2-neutral fertilizer for your plants that garden houses sell for real money. Because ist worth it!

2. Put them into the Terrabox

1kg/week are transformed into great humus by the little compost helpers without odors. That is 50x faster than garden compost.


3. Two fertilizers for your plants

You get fresh humus and a liquid fertilizer called compost coffee! Both are "really awesome shit" in the truest sense of the word for up to 20 indoor plants or a balcony project.


The cool eco product rethought.

In our development, the joy of composting was the top priority. And that's why we had a lot of new ideas.


The first worm box that doesn't belong on the floor.

Space is worth its weight in gold in the city. The Terrabox is a real piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere and, above all, looks really good. Whether in the living room or directly on the kitchenette where you cook, it is always a small eye-catcher. 


Harvesting is particularly fun with the Terrabox.

No two chambers, no stacking system or harvest baskets. With our new harvesting system, the composting process is not disturbed, we save a lot of space and you don't have to sort out any worms. Simply raise our window and get the fresh humus. 


Compost has never been so exciting and adventurous.

A lot happens in a compost. We want you to be able to explore the world of soil without getting your fingers dirty or disturbing the compost itself. Simply pull off the magnetic door and always discover something new. Particularly exciting and educational for children.

TerraBox Logo black.png

Everything at a glance.

Compost at its core, a beautiful piece of furniture on the outside


Fertilizer for about 20 indoor plants


Compost 1kg/week


Worm humus and compost coffee


Innovative fertilizer harvest


Dimensions: 30x30x30cm


experience window


No smells


FSC certified wood


100% produced near Hamburg, Germany


Small, friendly company

Always including everything you need to get started. 


approx. 300 compost worms


hemp mat




Personal support

For only 290€ VAT included.

Erhalte einen 5 € Gutschein und unser E-Book: Alles Erde

Wir haben ein kleines E-Book zusammengestellt, das dich in die Welt des Bodens einführt und dich zu einem kleinen Bodenexperten macht :)

Vielen Dank, wir senden dir alles zu :)

The Terrabox is more than just compost.

And fortunately not only we see it that way :)


The greatest imprint begins at an early age.

Children are curious. Children don't get bored when something is exciting. Children discover their environment with their senses. We want to help sharpen their soil senses.

Turn theory into experience.

By the 7th grade, earthworms, soil and microorganisms are already part of every curriculum. The new challenge now is to close the loop on the climate. The Terrabox brings all of this into the classroom.

We're a little proud :)

7.5 tons


CO2-neutral composted in cities 

Know what
humus is


Before I leave this world, everyone could know how to make healthy soil.


Our lexicon

Why, why, why, whoever doesn't ask stays....
[Not finished yet]

Our Earthmaker friends

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  • What is a worm box?
    A worm box, worm tray or vermicompost is a composting system which works with oxygen does not activate and get hot like a garden compost works with bacteria and compost worms It is the fastest form of composting and has the advantage of being able to work in a smaller space. In addition, no odors develop when used correctly.
  • Why doesn't a worm box stink?
    Because we work with oxygen-loving bacteria that compost so quickly that putrefaction does not occur. It smells like beautiful forest floor. Why do many believe that a worm box stinks? Because it may have been used incorrectly and a few simple rules were not followed. Because you built one yourself, where the liquids cannot drain off and are in the worm box. Because they are compared to a garden compost or an organic waste bin. Why can a garden compost stink? This has to be activated first and nothing really happens until then. That gives room for rot. In addition, he stands outside and is exposed to the weather and thus to the rain. If it is not properly protected, it will start to rot. Why does an organic waste bin stink? Because there is no piece of nature in here, but a plastic bucket in which all the water collects and starts anaerobic processes that stink.
  • What is the difference to the Bokashi bucket?
    Quite simply, the Bokashi bucket works with fermentation without oxygen, i.e. anaerobic. The advantage is that you can fill it like the organic waste bin, but there is one major disadvantage if you don't have a garden:The end result of a Bokashi bucket must be buried in a garden to be composted there again. After 4-6 weeks it still looks the same as you put it in.In addition, there are acrid odors that you do not want in your home.Furthermore, one cannot work continuously since the bucket has to be closed in order to start the fermentation.There are also only plastic models.
  • What is the mineral mix for?
    The mineral mix is essential for: Worm composting works in an alkaline environment, i.e. at a pH value of approx. 6.5-7. Fruits and other foods bring in acidity and this can be balanced with alkaline minerals. Worms don't have teeth :) They use small minerals "little stones" in their intestines to break down nutrients. In nature there are plenty of these in the soil, with a worm box we should add a few extra minerals every now and then.
  • Can or should a worm box also be outside?
    Our opinion is very clear: no! But we also tell you why:
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