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Our vision

To have helped that our floors are a bit healthier again.

Every year we lose 24 billion tons of fertile soil.*

Soil protection means protecting everything we drink, eat and use in life. The big lever for operating global soil protection lies in politics. However, we all have the power to decide who is up there and what they stand up for. If we all care about the ground, something will happen up there faster than we thought possible. And we want to be part of that.

*World Soil Day Report 2020

Only when you love and understand something will you commit yourself to it.

The clear majority of people have no relation to our soil. Especially city dwellers who are hardly surrounded by land anymore. So how should city dwellers learn to understand and love our soil? We believe in the worm box system because it can bring the full floor experience anywhere in the smallest of spaces. That's why we've made it our everyday routine to take away people's disgust with compost, to show them how nature works and the power of fresh, living humus.

our mission

Bringing composting into a new generation

This is us.

Two young guys passionate about Floor  and quality.
Pictures are still to come ;) Have to tell us die chips shower off
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