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Design & quality

Why do we focus on design and quality?

Why not cheap plastic? It works too.

Our guiding philosophy

We firmly believe that beautiful things are used with more love. And compost needs a little love, just like our nature or your plants.

Our design approach

Great design follows function and not the other way around. 


The function of the Terrabox: 

Produce a great fertilizer for plants in an apartment you want to feel comfortable in. 

Through our own experience, we know that a worm box is no substitute for a biowaste bin.

She is a compost. And the purpose of a compost is a high quality fertilizer and not biogas. 


So because we understand the utility as a compost for a high quality fertilizer, we were able to break new ground in design.

1. Get to the hummus and compost coffee quickly, easily and cleanly.

Indoor plants regularly need new nutrients and bacteria. That is why we have developed a system with which you can remove small amounts of humus at any time and do not always have to take everything out at once. Because if you don't use the humus fresh, its quality will be reduced and we don't want that.


At the same time, the composting process is not interrupted and you always get the freshest humus from the bottom.


3. Playing is fun.

Our magnetic door should not be missing in this chapter. The experience window and thus the world of soil is hidden behind it. For children in particular, opening and closing the door over and over again becomes almost a game. You probably know what we mean. you know the feeling :)

16 magnets inserted by hand.

2. A timeless piece of furniture that fits anywhere.

The Terrabox will last for years, if not decades. Therefore, a tasteful and timeless design is very important. We have teamed up with artists, carpenters and designers and are now convinced that the Terrabox is a piece of furniture and no longer a "box".


Small detail, but big effect. Do you see the grain throughout?


4. You can't replicate it at home.

You can build worm boxes yourself. And if you want that, then we think that's even better than if you don't have one. You can even ask us for tips. 


We want to offer a beautiful product that does what it promises and doesn't look like a homemade product. That's why we use the so-called miter design, which cannot be imitated with hobby tools.

Feel free to ask your trusted carpenter. He will confirm that.

5. Quality lives long

Compost is not an easy environment for wood. It is therefore all the more important that the materials withstand all these conditions, but also that the compost inside has optimal conditions.


18mm thick multiplex birch FSC certified


100% rustproof 304 stainless steel mesh [200 mesh]

3 milled air slots for perfect circulation

  And producing locally is so natural for us that we don't need an extra point for it :)

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