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With theTERRABOX Miniyou recycle common organic waste such as carrot and potato peelings or leftover coffee and tea in the best fertilizer for your home jungle. Simply throw it in and the compost with its important helpers, the compost worm, will turn waste into great soil again in just a few days. Everything without smells and without worms making your apartment unsafe ;)


You can even watch all of this through the unique, magnetic experience window and you will certainly be able to learn a thing or two from it. When developing the experience window, we gave special thought to children, so that we can show them how the circular economy works. For a next generation that knows how earth is made!


The TERRABOX Mini is specially designed for indoor use, because a worm box cannot survive our cold winters outdoors. Because we know this problem and we think it's a pity that the little ones freeze to death, we put a lot of effort into designing the TERRABOX not like a garbage can, but like a beautiful piece of furniture. Our small apartments are just too valuable to clutter them with ugly things .

TerraBox - The Earthmaker [Nature]

€309.00 Regular Price
€299.00Sale Price
Expected delivery in early June
    • Protect from weather
    • Designed for the interior
    • Worms like a temperature between: 15-25°
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