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Little plant stories

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to publish our own official studies or display them in great graphics. What we can show you, however, are real stories and successes that we or our customers have already collected with humus and worm tea :) Be inspired and marvel at what is still possible with you.

1. Open the magnetic flap and fill in any worm tea that may have formed naturally. Then put the empty shell back into the tray. Now remove the top cover and the protective strip. Now you can slowly pull up the window. 


3. It is best to place the humus in a container for watering. Then mix with cold water.  For 1 liter of water about 2-3 teaspoons of humus.


4. Now the only question left is which plant first? XD

It is best to give the finished worm tea to the plants as quickly as possible. You can also bottle the worm tea and give it away to friends, for example. Always a hit! 

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